Rianna Chaita - Entrepreneur
Rianna Chaita

My vision

My passion is to humanize the artificial intelligence and to digitize human consciousness, through cutting edge knowledge and high-end tech, in order to achieve excellence in business, while having fun!

I have received my university education in Economics & Marketing in France where I have been based since 2010 and I developed a deep understanding of the French and central European economic environments.

It was not long after I started my professional career, that I realized my talent in researching into marketing psychology, as well as an extraordinary ability to combine traditional marketing with cutting edge knowledge such as Audio Branding and neuroscience in a way to form a holistic approach in every strategic step.

Powered by my amazing team, I became the CEO of several companies (under the umbrella of E-Business Clusters) that aims to empower and lead companies to thrive in the New Digital Era, through a successful digital transformation journey.